Faculty of Engineering and Technology

All Engineering programmes have been carefully crafted for development of the students. The emphasis is on autonomous learning with a balanced mix of co- and extra-curricular activities enabling students to chart their own course. We offer Engineering courses regular and integral...more

Faculty of Management

The main objective of Management courses is to develop young men and women into competent professional managers, capable of working in any sector of organized activity, proceeding leadership and achieving excellence in performance while contributing to the welfare of the larger society...more

Faculty of Liberal Arts

OSG offers a multidisciplinary undergraduate programme, in the interest of exposing students to many different perspectives in and out of the classroom. The Faculty of Liberal Arts give purpose, direction and value to education and to life, and that they are no less important to society than scientific and technological disciplines....more

Faculty of General Science

The OSG offers facilities for intensive training and research in the basic areas of Sciences. OSG students will learn science by inquiry, develop a deep understanding of the concepts that drive science and will be encouraged to gain insights into the nature of the universe and all its components. ...more

Faculty of Health Sciences

OSG University is to create an intellectual, academic and physical environment, conducive to free flow of ideas and exchange of information between various faculties of the University and between this University and other Universities of Health Sciences in the country and abroad, thereby opening a window to the world for the health professionals, health planners, health managers, biomedical and social scientists and medical educators in health sciences of the country. more

  • Faculty of Nursing

  • Faculty of Law

  • Faculty of Architecture

  • Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary

  • Faculty of Medicine

  • Faculty of Education

  • Faculty of Pharmacy

While some Faculties are single-discipline, others have Departments and Centres attached to them. There has been a special emphasis on promoting inter-Faculty and inter disciplinary teaching and research in the University