About The Department

The Board of Studies broad-based enough to include scholars and experts in different areas prepared the curriculum for all courses. The Courses are so designed to equip the students with effective communication, literary, analytical and evaluative skills. The course material is designed by incorporating the contemporary approaches to language and literature. At present there two Professors and three Assistant Professors in the Department

Objectives :
  • It is the cherished goal of the Department to break new grounds by designing innovative techniques in teaching and research which are hardly attempted elsewhere as the most of the students joining the courses come rural backgrounds and from regional medium.
  • To orient the students towards the regional and local cultures by incorporating Dravidian writing in English translations without affecting the conventional canon.
  • To provide comparative perspectives of learning by juxtaposing, comparing, contrasting literatures across cultures and languages.
  • To encourage the students to undertake translation of Indian texts into English as an attempt at reaching other comers of the world.
  • To develop the Department into a Centre for Comparative and Translation Studies.